We’re happy to introduce Dr. Rayel’s new review books to help you prepare for ABPN’s Psychiatry Certification Exam. His books are focused on the tough sections such as psychopharmacology and clinical psychiatry.

Clinical Psychiatry

ABPN’s Psychiatry Certification Exam has three parts: Part A and Part B have multiple-choice questions. Part C (Clinical Psychiatry) is more challenging as each clinical case may have multiple questions and require multiple answers.


Dr. Rayel’s psychopharmacology review books are intended specifically for Part A (Basic Concepts in Psychiatry) preparation. However with the books’ coverage of many psychiatric disorders, they can be used to review for Part B (Neurology and Neurosciences) and Part C (Clinical Psychiatry) of the exam as well.

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Psychiatry Certification Exam

In 2011, the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) started a new certification format for physicians who began psychiatry residency in 2007 (PGY-1) or 2008 (PGY-2). 


Format of Certification Exam

Part A tests the basic concepts in psychiatry. Part B tests neurology and neurosciences, and Part C deals with clinical psychiatry or cases which is perhaps the most difficult component.

Number of Exam Questions

The certification exam has a total of 480 questions. Part A and Part B have 120 stand-alone questions each. Part C has 240 questions with an audio clip, video, or text vignettes.


Degree of Difficulty

Part A and Part B have multiple-choice questions with only one best answer. However Part C has video, audio clip, or text vignettes with more than one answer for each item.

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