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Psychiatry Board Review for ABPN II


Psychiatry Oral Boards Review for ABPN II        

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Dear Colleagues,



Obtaining the ABPN Diplomate status is tough. In fact, the passing rate in the psychiatry oral boards is about the same as the failure rate.




It’s not because of your lack of knowledge, your incompetence, or your lack of skills.


The fact is, you’ve hurdled psychiatry training for four or more years, and have read hundreds of relevant pages on psychiatry.


The fact is, you’ve successfully treated hundreds of patients during training and clinical practice.


The fact is, you’ve been supervised by dedicated and hard working academicians and skillful clinicians for years.


The fact is, you’ve dealt with a variety of complex clinical scenarios when on-call.


The fact is, you’ve assessed and treated urgent and emergent patients almost daily.


So why prepare for the boards? For others, why fail the oral exam?


If you’ve already failed, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault.


The truth is, it doesn’t matter how good you are before and after the exam. If you don’t ‘show’ your abilities during the exam, the examiners will find a good reason to fail you.


In this examination, you only need one thing — to show that you are a competent and a safe clinician.


Yes, it’s a show. Yet, it may be the best or worst show of your life. You have a choice.


The key is how to effectively show your abilities and skills before the examiners.


This program teaches you how to effectively present a ‘great show’ through various  organizing techniques and presentation skills that can improve your performance and increase your chance of passing.


Regardless of your board exam result, this review course offers professional gain. Implementing the various practical strategies should improve your clinical skills.



What benefits can you obtain from this psychiatry oral boards review course?


Through this cost-effective program, you will learn and practice effective interview, presentation, and organizing (for both interview and presentation) strategies while in the comforts of your home .


You don't have to pack your luggage and be away from your family and work for several days. There is no traffic, hotels, nor flights to deal with.


Besides, you'll have the opportunity to acquire practical techniques to clear this exam hurdle. Some of the topics  that will be discussed include:


  • How to organize the collection and presentation of clinical data     
  • How to deal with difficult cases     
  • Learn the most effective way of gathering clinical information
  • Case Vignettes:  What to expect      
  • Commonsense approach  toward a powerful case  formulation, differential diagnosis, and  treatment plan
  • Common causes of failure and disorganization     
  • Successfully dealing  with the question-and-answer section     
  • Practical   history-taking and presentation  techniques
  • And many more!     


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When you enroll in this review course, you will receive the following books, audiovisual materials (CD or Cassette), clinical vignettes, and eModule:


#1    Passing Strategies


#2    Passing Strategies  CD  and  Cassette  Versions


#3    Psychiatry Oral Exam eModule


#4    Free Phone or E-mail Consultation with Dr. Rayel


#5    Clinical Vignettes - Volumes 1 and 2


#6    Clinical Vignettes Comprehensive (new!)


#7    Webinar - presentation accessible online



Indeed, passing the oral exam is a huge challenge. It can be intimidating and frustrating to some people. However, it is not insurmountable.


By knowing effective and practical strategies, the oral exam can also be rewarding and . . . fun!



Good luck!!



All the best,



Michael G. Rayel, MD



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Psychiatry Board Review for ABPN II



Special Note               

Clinical Vignettes Comprehensive for ABPN II now available. Another excellent addition to our list. Register now!
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