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Psychiatry review books

We help you prepare for the tough ABPN psychiatry certification exam.

Emotional intelligence

We have updated our EQ online course and is now available through


Shrink series - First Aid tips

Shrink’s First Aid tips for mental health are available to the public through online bookstores.

First aid for mental health

An online course on First Aid for Mental Health is now offered through, a division of Soar Dime Ltd., was founded by Dr. Michael G. Rayel and his colleagues. Since 2005, we have offered ABPN psychiatry certification review courses such as the Psychiatry Oral Boards Review for ABPN 2. This course was mostly based on Dr. Rayel’s books — Success Preparation for the Psychiatry Oral Exam and Passing Strategies. With its practical and cost-effective approach to psychiatry oral board exam preparation, this review course helped hundreds of exam candidates. 

With ABPN’s phase out of the  Part 2 oral exam and the entry of its Psychiatry Certification Exam, we released the Psychiatry Certification Review Series for the Clinical Psychiatry Component (Volumes 1, 2, and 3) in 2012. A year later (2013), its Amazon kindle version (Volumes 1 to 6) was released, and last year (2015) we updated the series for DSM-5. This Psychiatry Review Series is intended to help psychiatry exam candidates prepare for the Clinical Psychiatry component of ABPN’s certification.

Recently, we have published and released Dr. Rayel’s psychopharmacology review series to help prepare exam candidates for Part A or Basic Concepts in Psychiatry. Since these new books cover many psychotropic medications to treat a wide range of psychiatric disorders, they can be used to review for Part B and Part C as well.

Aside from psychiatry reviewers, Soar Dime Ltd provide webinars and ebooks on EQ, parenting, mental health, and other topics. For the past few years, we have provided EQ webinars/online courses on Emotional Intelligence and Effective Parenting and Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Career Success. In 2016, all existing courses will be updated. Finally, Shrink’s First Aid tips for various mental issues are available in most online bookstores.